What is a Doula?!

A doula is a non bias support person offering safe space to learn throughout pregnancy, labor and beyond.

Statistics prove that with the support of a doula maternal and infant mortality rates decrease, breastfeeding success rates increases, postpartum depression decreases and families are more likely to have an overall positive perinatal experience.

What is a Full Spectrum Wellness Doula?

A Full Spectrum Wellness Doula prioritizes the mental health and wellbeing of birthing families while offering physical and emotional support, education and advocacy throughout the perinatal experience.

As a Full Spectrum wellness doula I offer wellness classes to connect the information with breath work and movements , Self care sundays to ensure we are adequately caring for ourselves prenatally and traditional postpartum care as a way to nurture, nourish, celebrate, honor and support healing in the postpartum

Mama Tree Doula supports pregnant people through birth and parenting as a Full Spectrum Wellness Doula
Mama Tree Doula is everything I wish I had when I was growing my family and had so many questions along the way.
I had amazing doula support but no idea how to care for myself mentally or emotionally and trust me , everything else suffered for it. 

I look forward to helping you experience your ideal labor, postpartum healing and self exploration through our continued work together.

When it comes to your perinatal experience, It's so important for you to be comfortable and trust the team that you put so much time in building. 
The multiple points of communication, education and exploration will allow for our relationship to organically build the necessary levels of comfort and trust that improve your overall experience. 

Can't wait !

-Troi Lauren
Mama Tree Doula Full Spectrum Doula Support- Postpartum/Labor and More,

Birth Support

Prepare, plan and practice for your birth with our Birthing Bliss courses, Monthly Prenatal appointments geared towards education and prep that also builds rapport between families and mama tree doula to strengthen birth support along with postpartum follow up.


Traditional Postpartum Care

Alongside breastfeeding education and support surrounding new born care, Mama Tree Doula offers Traditional Morrocan Postpartum Ceremonial services that Welcome, Honor, Nourish, Nurture , Close and Celebrate New Parents.

Offerings that include the Hamam, womb steam, herbal foot soaks, massages, facials, Bone Closing ceremony, and Bengkung belly binding.

Mama Tree Doula's

Birthing Bliss:

Empowering Prenatal Yoga and Birth Ball Course for a Joyful Journey to Motherhood

This Self pace online course is a perfect add on to any of our support packages or as a stand alone since it highlights Health and Wellness including but not limited to prenatal and postnatal yoga, Birth ball and Self care classes.

Each of these classes are taught by a highly trained, certified , and experienced doula that centers pelvic floor biomechanics and labor positions for different stages of labor




Find Your Tribe

At Mama Tree Doula's Health and Wellness Events!

Bringing together family in the name of fun education is our way of creating a safe space for you and your loved ones to create positive lasting memories surrounding your pregnancy, birth and postpartum healing.

Birth workers are you looking for a community to learn, grow and share your experience supporting families!?

The Sol Journey extends to you also! Join me for bi-weekly Zoom meetups! This safe space is one where we will learn how to grow as perinatal community health workers and as a community! Does this sound like something you can benefit from and contribute to?

Then don't hesitate, sign up now by texting the word
"Doula Do " with your name and email below

Our mission

Mama Tree Doula is full spectrum doula support, paired passionately with Creative Arts and Holistic care practices. Combined, these tools are used as a vehicle to build community while empowering families to confidently embark on their Sol Journey to Childbirth and Parenthood.

Virtual and In person options available.

Mama Tree Doula is making Childbirth Education Fun and Accessible For All By Creating Safe Space To Learn and Create Memories While Centering Womb Health Within Holistic Practices